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Push and Deliver Fitness


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About Us

Push and Deliver Fitness provides a positive and fun experience into fitness. We provide private personal training and on-line training programs to clients. Through our creative workouts and goal settings, individuals are able to accomplish their personal goals while learning the benefits of a healthier lifestyle. We offer fitness classes and workshops that service all fitness levels.

Push and Deliver Fitness understands the importance of developing a healthy lifestyle to children at a young age. Through our fitness workshops and fitness classes we provide children and their families healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

Push and Deliver Fitness teach each client nutritional guidance based on mindful eating. The goal is for you to develop a healthy relationship with food and an eating style which is one you will practice 80% of the time. Developing an understanding of food and methods of food prep, will help with your success.



Push and Deliver Fitness Kids
Push and Deliver Fitness Kids
Push Through
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