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Allstate- John Wood Agency



About Us

I've lived in Huntsville for about 10 years now but I grew up in Prattville, AL. I love this city because I love my state, and this place is buzzing with community spirit and growth! I came to Huntsville after graduating from Auburn University in aerospace engineering and worked at NASA as a contractor on the SLS program as a systems engineer. I realized after a few years engineering wasn't my calling but found that I had always been drawn to finance, savings, and investing. I developed a hobby and passion for financial markets and knew I needed to make it my career! One thing I know as an investor is that risk management is absolutely crucial to effectively growing one's wealth. Insurance is undoubtedly the best vehicle available for Americans to properly manage life's financial risks so I am dedicated to helping this community by advising and providing financial solutions for its members! I have a great ability to help people not only grow but also protect their wealth and I want to share that ability with the people in the community that I love!

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