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Hot Yoga DeLUX*


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About Us

Hot Yoga DeLux is a holistic fitness studio that focuses on helping the community strengthen their physical, mental, and emotional state through hot yoga, hot pilates, and cryotherapy. More than a yoga studio, HYD is a nurturing safe space where members come in to work out more than the kinks in their bodies, but also the kinks in their life. Owner Dell Watkins intuitively helps members find their balance through yoga.

Our Mission
Motivate you to tap into your power and achieve your fitness goals

Empower the community and beyond through Yoga, Pilates, Cryotherapy and Wellness

Grow a community of people from all backgrounds and circumstances who connect & embrace each other through yoga

Share the benefits and results of practicing yoga to ease ailments, negative thinking, and bad habits; pilates to strengthen and tone; and to gain knowledge through health education


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