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Alexander's Martial Arts *

Alexander's Martial Arts *

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About Us

Alexander's teaches personal development through martial arts training. Skills like: focus, discipline, respect, confidence, and (most importantly) self-esteem are fundamental to personal development. Our mission is to make a positive difference in our community "One Black Belt at a time."

We believe, that when properly taught, every martial arts skill has a correlating mental benefit and by teaching in this format we focus on teaching people (martial arts just happens to be our vehicle). This approach, that it's easy to make GREAT BLACK BELTS when you help train GREAT PEOPLE, has produced a dozen North American Championships and dozens of great Black Belts.

We also believe in "common sense self-defense", so we see it as our responsibility to provide a SAFE training environment. To that end we've invested $100k in 2023/24 to bring clean, filtered air to our members. We've retrofitted our systems to exceed the ASHRAE 241 Standard for air quality for the control of infectious disease. We've reduced the CO2 by about 2/3 even during our biggest classes!

By placing our staff and students' safety above everything else, we hope to be a lighthouse for other businesses and organizations. An overview of our efforts is on our website under /info and we're happy to share!

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